Omakase (おまかせ)


Challenge, then Trust: The Spirit of Super Hiro's Omakase

Omakase (おまかせ) is a Japanese dining tradition that is guided by the spirit of: “I leave it up to you.”

The chef is trusted to create a meal that demonstrates their artistry and imagination, creating a culinary experience that’s unique, memorable, and delicious.

Super Hiro’s takes a different approach to omakase. Chef and owner Hiroki Watanabe believes for there to be trust, there must first be a challenge. This helps establish a connection, which develops into a relationship and, eventually, trust.



Omakase as a Conversation

As a way of developing that sense of trust, Hiro likes to start a conversation with his customers. 

In this way he creates something that is not just any meal, but a journey of discovery. Each dish served is a piece of a dialogue that covers new ground, all in the spirit of openness, flexibility, and exploration.

With over 17 years of experience in Japanese and international fusion cooking, Hiro is dedicated to creativity and sustainability.

His focus is on creating dishes that are pleasing to both the eyes and the taste buds, using high-quality ingredients carefully selected for maximum flavour. Hiro is passionate about crafting personalized dishes as beautiful as they are delicious.

Food as artistry. A meal as a conversation. Dishes that excite the senses. Try Hiro’s omakase for yourself and enjoy an experience you’ll never forget.



Entrust Your Palate to Hiro

Omakase Menu

"Tsubaki" : $100
7 courses + Dessert

"Tsubaki mini" : $70
5 courses + Dessert
We also offer set menus for the less-experimental. We understand - trust is a challenge, after all!
The first one is an a la carte menu, where items change every season.
Our second menu changes every day, so please check our Instagram feed for that info!

Please contact us for Vegetarian or Gluten Free options.
Please note we require a few days’ notice to prepare.